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     We are here to help you with grant funding that's available for advanced septic systems.

    Suffolk County & NYS have monies available to install advanced septic systems because of the ongoing water pollution concerns.

   Call or email us so we can help you with the online grant application process and to schedule a site visit to answer all of your questions.

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Most Home Owners Have Little To No Out Of Pocket Costs


Nitrogen removal & disinfection systems are available with all models of residential or commercial SeptiTech® systems.


Residential Small Systems Unobtrusive and dependable, the SeptiTech® residential STAAR™ systems are NSF/ANSI Standard 40, class 1 and NSF/ANSI Standard 245 (nitrogen removal) certified.


The clean effluent prevents biomat formation and leachfield clogging. SeptiTech® technology is very compatible with shallow drip, direct discharge, pressure distribution, spray irrigation, and conventional leachfield.


Small Community Systems Exceeding typical treatment effluent requirements of the local regulations, our multi-family SeptiTech® STAAR™ systems provide small communities, sub-divisions, apartment dwellings, and other residential developments with highly treated effluent.


Commercial Systems Offering versatility and consistent high performance for high­strength wastewater produced from commercial kitchens and cafeterias, the SeptiTech® larger STAAR™ commercial systems produce high-quality effluent specifically designed for water reuse applications.